Vietnam "62-63"


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VN62.01 VN62.02 VN62.03 VN62.04
Aerial shot of Ashau Outpost, early 1963 An overhead look at Hue, early 1963. Demko, Ubel, Thomas Transporting a Medevac, pic from left seat
VN62.05 VN62.06 VN62.07 VN62.08
Lenny Demko holding a bullet next to it's hole. Tod Eikenbery and Lenny Demko, "O" Club Danang. '63 by Dave Linsley. Cubi Point Pool: (L-R) Larry Demko, Chet Chester, Bernie Keroack, Ben Chapple, Rick Carr, Tod Eikenbery and Bob Evans Rick Carr, Lenny Demko and Fritz Zander at DaNang BOQ
VN62.09 VN62.10 VN62.11 VN62.12
"Happy Whistlers", MCAF Futenma, Okinawa, New Years '62-Fritz Zander, Tharp, and Don Berger (KIA). Denko Denko-motor Flightline